Charcoals and Bird Collection are LIVE

About Sarah

We live in a messy world. I have three sons, so mine is especially messy. Someday I will own nice things, my carpets won’t have Gatorade stains and my kitchen counters won’t have chips in them (how else do you test the strength of a knife? BOYS!) Thankfully, my walls remain (mostly) unscathed, and this is where I tell my story. This is where I insert ME into my life narrative. My walls are a visual narrative of my life. Photos of my kids, artwork that I have collected, and art that I have made. Making art is my Zen. As a full time High School art teacher and a mother to three (20, 17, and 12) carving out time for my art is an exercise in self care. 

I work at home, at Carriageway Studios in Almonte, Ontario and at my beautiful cabin, set above three river rapids in North Frontenac County. My first love is charcoal, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of reproducing textures and capturing emotions that I emphasize within my subjects. The challenge of reproducing depth and colour is not always a fluid process. Many pieces are abandoned and an equal number are painted over. The paintings that I do complete are a testament to my determination and one more step towards my desire to have a skillset that allows me to capture the images in my head. 

I would not want to live in a world without art, and neither would you. We define ourselves through our creative expression. Be that through what we create or what we collect. There is no better time than right now to start your very own art collection. Original art is a smart investment. Start your visual narrative today. I invite you to check out my inventory of available originals.


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