Thank you for your interest in my Tea Collection launching May 2023

About Sarah


My name is Sarah Jaynes, and I am an artist with a business of the same name. I have a studio and gallery on the main street in beautiful Almonte, Ontario, Canada. My business focuses on providing unique, affordable art and prints to the art market between expensive art galleries and big box stores.

I am a trained artist and educator and hold a BFA and a BEd. I have been teaching High School Art for 26 years and running an art business for the last 7 years. It is not easy doing both simultaneously, but the two passions cross-pollinate with each other wonderfully.

I love the soft beauty and texture of classical drawings and the loose, misty, colourful style of street art. I love building texture and depth in charcoal and the fast and free abandonment of spray paint. I am inspired daily by the beauty of the Eastern Ontario landscape and often paint the flora and fauna that I see on my travels by road and water.

The places I spend my time are not just spots on a map. They are communities of people that I love, past memories and memories to come, the sound of birds and the wind in the trees, and the glimmer of the early morning sun on the river. I relish the challenge of capturing these special qualities in my work and sharing them with others.