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Lily Pad Collection

After waiting patiently for the lily pads to appear I have been watching the comings and goings of insects around them and painting happily by the river for the last month. I am working on a collection of 9+1 paintings. The palette was inspired by the soft colours of early summer and the view from my favourite spot in my cabin.

I am working hard to maintain the misty quality of the spray paint as I add small moths and dragonflies. My young niece who spent time with me on the river and at my studio has created her own artwork using the same process. What a gift it has been to work with her. This intergenerational collaboration adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the collection.

I so appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to sharing this new body of work with you soon.


    If I could be any animal I would be a sea bird. I would ride the ocean breezes all day long.


    My father lives in Prince Edward County. I love to watch the swans on the Bay of Quite. This collection was all about capturing light.


    During the pandemic the school was so empty. I found so much beauty and loneliness in the empty desks and chairs...the long shadows cast across the classroom floors.